“Go do a project.”

Technically correct advice, but is it really a useful thing to hear?

How to pick a language? How to figure out what I can do? What are my interests? There is a large gap from classroom/book learning to side projects and exploring your interests. It’s not that you lack ‘passion’ or are in the wrong major. It’s just that many things that the process of figuring projects are obvious to someone experienced.

It might sound surprising, but just freshman-level coding experience can let you do lots of neat and valuable things like chat bots or full stack web applications. So if you want to bridge this gap and have something to do this summer, join us for 4 guided projects this June with weekly workshops to get you started, as well as guidance in starting, planning and executing your own projects! On the side we’ll also have sessions on how to prep for algorithm interview, how to brand yourself, Q&A panels with current UIUC CS students and IMC networking!


Thanks to everyone for making this happen!

Harsh Deep

Monica Para

Saurav Chittal

Justin Hu

Drishika Asher

Savannah Holly

Nehal Tangudu

Maaheen Maajed

Lou Zeh

Matthew McCarthy

David An

Sana Madhavan

Khoa Pham



Thank you for your continued support!